In 1994, PrimusLabs began its foray into auditing by developing G.A.P. manuals, and in 1996, the company became an early force in the produce industry for field level food safety plans. It was the first American company to offer auditing for farms and harvest crews and became an early and strong advocate for complete programs for farms and ranches. Over the next few years, PrimusLabs began offering food industry plans, and GMP audits and consultation for processing plants, cooling and cold storage facilities, packing sheds, terminal market and distribution centers. These audits were known as PrimusLabs Standard audits.

The firm provided extensive expertise in the form of “guides” used throughout the industry and by governmental food safety agencies.  Thus, Primus Laboratories advanced the concept of preventing contamination at the earliest point in the production chain, rather than limiting the focus to downstream packing or processing operations, a concept not acknowledged by the FDA until 2011 with the passage of FSMA.

In 1998, Primus launched the web-based Document Development Program (DDP) allowing clients to create safe production manuals free of charge in exchange for the use of their data gathered through the program. While most companies copyrighted their audit schemes, Primus never did so, choosing instead to allow growers, farm managers and other interested individuals the opportunity to run self-audits.

By the turn of the millennium, PrimusLabs developed programs allowing the submission of data generated from sub-contracted auditors, in addition to its in-house personnel. That number has grown to nearly 100 in-house and sub-contracted auditors.

In 2006, auditing services were expanded to Mexico, and later to Costa Rica and Chile. In 2008, Javier Sollozo was promoted to the position of Director of Auditing Operations. In 2011, its PrimusGFS audit was benchmarked by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). In 2013, PrimusLabs’ Audit QA became the largest in the industry.

In March 2015, prompted by a new requirement of GFSI’s Benchmarking Committee in response to the request to re-benchmark the PrimusGFS version 2.1., PrimusLabs sold its Auditing Division to Javier Sollozo, who launched JS Audit Group, Inc. doing business as Primus AuditingOps.

The new company maintains all of PrimusLabs’ personnel, as well as over 20 years of auditing expertise in farm level produce audits, but it has also expanded its focus to include auditing of semi-processed and fully processed produce foods, e.g. juices, salsas etc.

While it evolves, Primus AuditingOps maintains it promise to serve its clients with objective, thorough, and accurate audits. Our mission is simple – Observe. Report.

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